The San Francisco Bay Area’s Ambassadors of French Chanson

Featuring Parisian singer Mimi Pirard, SonoMusette authentically recreates the moody and evocative sound of the Paris music scene of the Mid-20th Century.

SonoMusette’s renditions of these timeless French classics provide a freshness and excitement that is contemporary, yet faithful, to the spirit and tradition of the original artisits.  This music has retained its power to charm and transport listeners and SonoMusette taps that nostalgia with artistry in both vocals and instrumentation. Inspired by the great performers of the era, such as Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Trenet, and Django Reinhardt, along with contemporary musicians such as Zaz and Patrick Bruel, SonoMusette brings French Chanson to the “moderne” era.

Mimi Pirard • vocalist

Isaac Vandeveer • guitar & bass   Jan Martinelli • upright bass & piano

Kendrick Freeman • drums     Robert Lunceford • accordion


"What a great sound, what a true respect to Piaf's performance, what a superb

backup band...on s'y croirait!  Mimi and the gang of SonoMusette, you got it! "

                          Emmanuel GPS • host of  The French Touch • KWMR FM Radio

"Of the many interpreters of Piaf's repertoire and the French song tradition,

             to my mind (and ear), SonoMusette is one of the very best."

                         Carolyn Burke • author of  No Regrets, The Life of Edith Piaf

"SonoMusette creates and captures vintage Parisian music with passion and power."

                         City Sound Inertia

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